Our name may be misleading. You read EDM and think Electro-Deposit Machining, a process we use in the manufacture of our abrasivejet nozzles from Engineered Dynamic Materials!  Prior to producing a nozzle, we developed new materials by employing patented methods and experts in the field of ceramics. Yes ceramic! as others company’s also employ but produced with different materials and methods developed for abrasivejet nozzles.

With the new material we have attained our first objective, “To supply abrasivejet nozzles with capabilities equal to or better than those of    * “RocTec 100 nozzles and   * RocTec 500”.

We have achieved the objective with results of life increases of 25% or more compared to * Ceratizit or * RocTec 100 nozzles.    NEW!  We just added our number R-5 series nozzles and to compete with * RocTec 500.

Five years have elapsed since we began this program of development. This period includes more than two years of testing in waterjet cutting shops across the United States.

However, our well-known development engineer, Mr. Charlie Johnston personally worked with * Ceratizit, for six years in the 1990’s (Cerametals during that period), to develop their abrasive jet nozzles which are now used worldwide. That development reduced nozzle prices from $250 each to $80 each.

Now we have a full line of EDM Nozzles to give the user better life while reducing your cost considerably

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